What is Raw Hair?

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed human hair. This means the hair has not undergone any chemical, steam, or heat processing. This type of hair is the purest on the market. It is of high quality and will last for years due to its natural form.


What type of Raw hair do we sell?

We sell only 100% Vietnamese donor hair.


How do I maintain the hair?

Our hairs are 100% human hair which means it will have to be cared for as if it was your real hair. When applying heat to your extensions, always use a heat protectant. You may also be required to wash your hair once every 2 weeks.


How many bundles do I need?

3 Bundles for lengths 10”- 24”

4 Bundles for lengths 26”- 40”


Can the hair be bleached or dyed?

Of course! Our hair is 100% Raw human hair. We recommend consulting with a professional to assist with coloring.


What is bone-straight hair?

It is steam-straightened hair with free and firm strands. This texture holds curls well. The hair used to make it is 100% human hair.